2016 in Review & Yesteryear-end awards

We thought it fit to give 2016 the old review treatment; so we opened a couple of cold ones and reminisced about the game of football over the last 12 months. Our review covers both the most important events on the pitches all around the world as well as the essential off-field stories of 2016. To cap off we gave out the first ever set of Yesteryear-end awards.

Here are the minutes if you want to jump around:

  • 0:01:30 Jan/Feb: Zidane becomes manager at Real Madrid; Man City sign Pep Guardiola
  • 0:06:45 March/April: Johan Cruyff & Cesare Maldini pass away; their influence on the game today
  • 0:11:00 May/June: Leicester, Real Madrid & Chile pick up trophies, Argentina & England don’t
  • 0:17:00 July: Cristiano with a final performance for the ages
  • 0:20:00 August: Brazil’s Men & Germany’s Women pick up Gold at Olympics
  • 0:21:30 September: Big Sam gets the sack
  • 0:25:00 October/November: Carlos Alberto Torres dies, LaMia Flight 2933 crashes
  • 0:31:30 December: Cristiano receives his fourth Ballon D’Or
  • 0:33:30 YYFP Awards; Best Hair of 2016
  • 0:38:15 Most Ridiculous Governing Body Decision of 2016
  • 0:41:45 Most Annoying Storyline of 2016
  • 0:52:00 Biggest Gaffe of 2016

Bonus: Euro 2016 R16 Preview & Predictions

What to do on the first Euro-free day?

Talk about the Euros, of course!

That’s exactly what we did in our second Preview & Predictions episode. All eight match-ups for the Round of 16 are on the docket: loads of stats, odds, impressions.. and punts on who advances to the next round.

Without much further Adu:

Here’s the minutes:

  • 0:00:00 Intro
  • 0:02:30 Poland vs Switzerland
  • 0:10:30 Wales vs Norn Iron
  • 0:19:45 Croatia vs Portugal
  • 0:34:15 France vs Republic of Ireland
  • 0:43:10 Germany vs Slovakia
  • 0:52:45 Hungary vs Belgium
  • 1:02:00 Spain vs Italy
  • 1:13:30 England vs Iceland
  • 1:26:15 Bit of banter, looking ahead to quarters and England’s path to the final…

Bolded teams indicate Sebastian‘s picks, Italic Frederick‘s. Give us a Like on Facebook.

And some good vibes to close out:


Bonus: Euro Predictions (We still believe, somewhat…)

“Let’s do some predictions for the Euros, will be quick, 15 minutes.”

Tack on another hour, mate.

Before recording our regular episode on the CL Final of 1995/96 (coming next week!) we sat down to talk about the upcoming Euro, or rather the ongoing one. Four matches in is still early enough for some predictions though!

Of course we went longer than expected, as we actually went through all the groups and most of the teams. Here’s the minutes and corresponding talking points:

  • 0:01:30 Hipster teams
  • 0:05:20 Picks for overall champion
  • 0:13:45 England!!! expectations and Russia game
  • 0:19:30 Wales and Bale
  • 0:27:45 Northern Ireland and Will Grigg
  • 0:32:15 Belgium to disappoint
  • 0:35:30 Austria to surprise
  • 0:45:00 Top goalscorer, Player of the Tournament
  • 0:54:00 Best hair/ best jersey
  • 1:01:30 Will anybody wear black shoes?

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Further reading suggestion: Language of Football’s Euro series on the linguistic profiles of the participating countries.