Gladbach vs Dortmund, Matchday 34 Bundesliga 77/78

Goals were always to be expected, really. In December 1977 their first meeting in the season had ended 3:3. Through 33 matchdays, whenever Dortmund were on the pitch, matches saw an average of 3.51 goals scored. For Gladbach that figure rose to 3.58.

Goals were desperately needed to. Not for Dortmund, mind. The Westphalia outfit sat neatly in eleventh place (of 18), about as many points away from the drop as from European football. Gladbach, however, with one matchday left, were tied on points for first place with rivals Cologne. Their problem: sporting a goal-difference of +30, while Cologne boasted a +40.

Moreover, Cologne were playing away to St. Pauli. Hamburg’s second team had just been promoted to Bundesliga 1 the summer prior. Straight back down they went in last place. Little help was to be expected from St. Pauli. Little hope remained for a fourth Gladbach championship in a row.

Gladbach legends exit the stage

A proper send-off, then, is what Herbert “Hacki” Wimmer and Jupp Heynckes will have hoped for. From the mid-60s onward the pair had combined for more than 800 appearances in the white & green kit. This was to be their final match for Gladbach. 38.000 fans had travelled to nearby Düsseldorf to see them off. The Bökelberg, Gladbach’s homeground, was being renovated, thus the game was moved to the Rheinstadion. It should prove to be a worthwhile trip. Continue reading

S01E06.1: An Incomplete History of Real Madrid, CL Season 97/98 in Review

Turns out, when you talk about the biggest club in the world of football, you could spend hours on their history. We tried to keep it to a manageable duration but decided to split the episode into two parts again. So with this part you’ll get the Champions League season 1997/98 (format, qualifying, groups, knock-out stage etc), Juve’s and Real’s domestic season and the lead up to the final. And the largest part of the episode is devoted to the Merengues.

In talking about the history of Real Madrid we track the club’s achievements and evolution through the decades by following a lineage of legends: Santiago Bernabéu Yeste, Francisco Gento, Santillana. We touch on the biggest stories and the important players and teams. It’s an “Incomplete History” as we look through the lense of 1998.

Here’s the show on Soundcloud, the little arrow in the top right let’s you download:

And here are the minutes:

  • 0:00:00 Intro & plugs
  • 0:02:20 Culture re-cap, Affleck vs Damon vs DiCaprio
  • 0:11:50 Champions League format 1997/98, Qualifying rounds
  • 0:18:50 Juve’s season (champions of Italy, out in QF of Coppa)
  • 0:24:20 Juve vs Kiev in the CL Quarters & vs Monaco in the Semis
  • 0:29:40 Real the biggest club in the world?
  • 0:32:30 Foundations of the Madrid Foot Ball Club, Santiago Bernabéu Yeste joins
  • 0:39:10 Construction of the Nuevo Estadio Chamartín
  • 0:45:30 The transfer of Alfredo Di Stefano to Real Madrid
  • 0:56:00 Real’s romp through Europe during the late 50s, Francisco Gento and the Ye-Ye
  • 1:02:00 Santillana, Quintra Del Buitre, drought in the early 90s
  • 1:07:45 Spanish league structure 95/96, Fabio Capello’s season at Real
  • 1:11:15 Jupp Heynckes’ coaching career & arrival in Madrid
  • 1:15:30 Real vs Leverkusen in the CL Quarters & vs Dortmund in the Semis

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Hilarity before the Champions League semi-final 1997/98 between Real and Dortmund after one of the goals fell over before kick-off; clip off of German TV show years later:

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