Kings Of Rome, Or: How Totti & Co. won the Scudetto ’00/01 (w/ Marco Ciarla of @CurvAmerica)

Amadei, Falcao, Totti: a lineage of great footballers and, as far as Romanisti are concerned, kings; for each of them had been instrumental in Roma claiming their Scudetti. Amedeo Amadei was the side’s top goalscorer during the 1941/42 campaign. Paulo Roberto Falcão pulled the strings in midfield as the Giallorossi for the first half decade of the 1980s, in ’82/83 Roma came out on top.

In 2000/01 AS Roma won their third, and to date last, Scudetto. Led by 24-year-old playmaker Francesco Totti the Giallorossi beat out an incredibly stacked field to claim the league. The other team from Rome had broken Juve’s stranglehold the year before. They, as well as Parma, relied on seemingly inexhaustable war chests, luring many of the world’s best players to Serie A. Juve, of course, wanted their crown back and still boasted an amazing side including Zidane, Davids, del Piero…

So, just how did Roma do it? Well that’s what we’re trying to figure out with this episode, talking tranfers, tactics, and performances. To help us, Marco Ciarla jumps in mid-way through the show. Marco is an avid Romanisti and part of the CurvAmerica podcast who talk Serie A on a weekly basis. As a bonus we get to pick his brains about where Roma (and Serie A) are headed in 2017. In between we, of course, talk about a lone match in way too much detail: Roma’s final league match against Parma.

Minutes if you want to jump around:

  • 0:01:45 Southern challengers for the Scudetto appear (Parma & Lazio)
  • 0:13:00 The 101 on AS Roma club history
  • 0:24:14 Franco Sensi buys Roma for 20 billion Lire in 1993
  • 0:34:45 Totti at loggerheads with Bianchi, center-piece in Cappello’s system
  • 0:43:00 Marco on the landscape of Serie A in ’00/01,
  • 0:53:15 And on Roma’s team set-up in ’00/01
  • 1:07:00 Quick run-down of Roma’s season
  • 1:17:15 Capturing the Scudetto on June 17th against Parma
  • 1:43:15 Aftermath
  • 1:58:30 Marco on Totti’s place in Roma’s club history,
  • 2:05:15 On Roma in 2017, Juve’s push for the triple
  • 2:13:45 And on what might happen in Serie A ’17/18

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