Throwback Thursday: Bundesliga Winterbreak Edition

The wait is finally over. After a gruelling 29 days, the Bundesliga is finally back. But, as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. That’s a benefit the Premier League doesn’t have. Also, actually peaking towards summer is a bonus; especially when it comes to international tournaments.

Anyway, we decided to give the throwback honours to the Bundesliga re-start. Quite a few match-ups this weekend feature at least one team that’s been promoted just a few seasons ago, but we still dug up a few gems. The first scoreline really is due for a repeat. Continue reading

Gladbach vs Dortmund, Matchday 34 Bundesliga 77/78

Goals were always to be expected, really. In December 1977 their first meeting in the season had ended 3:3. Through 33 matchdays, whenever Dortmund were on the pitch, matches saw an average of 3.51 goals scored. For Gladbach that figure rose to 3.58.

Goals were desperately needed to. Not for Dortmund, mind. The Westphalia outfit sat neatly in eleventh place (of 18), about as many points away from the drop as from European football. Gladbach, however, with one matchday left, were tied on points for first place with rivals Cologne. Their problem: sporting a goal-difference of +30, while Cologne boasted a +40.

Moreover, Cologne were playing away to St. Pauli. Hamburg’s second team had just been promoted to Bundesliga 1 the summer prior. Straight back down they went in last place. Little help was to be expected from St. Pauli. Little hope remained for a fourth Gladbach championship in a row.

Gladbach legends exit the stage

A proper send-off, then, is what Herbert “Hacki” Wimmer and Jupp Heynckes will have hoped for. From the mid-60s onward the pair had combined for more than 800 appearances in the white & green kit. This was to be their final match for Gladbach. 38.000 fans had travelled to nearby Düsseldorf to see them off. The Bökelberg, Gladbach’s homeground, was being renovated, thus the game was moved to the Rheinstadion. It should prove to be a worthwhile trip. Continue reading