So what are you to expect from a football history podcast? We watch games gone past and talk about them. That is the Yesteryear Football Podcast in a nutshell. In our first proper season we go through the Champions League finals in chronological order. “Talk” then revolves around, but is not limited to: the club history of the teams in action, their season leading up to the match, play by play, tactics, and anything else that catches our eye.

New episodes come out whenever they are done. And we do intersperse one-off episodes talking about old FA Cup finals, Confed Cups, etc. as well as contemporary chatter.

But where can I subscribe to the podcast?

Glad you asked. There are a slew of ever-expanding options to choose from, when it comes to listening to the Yesteryear Football Podcast. Such as:

or just try searching for “Yesteryear Football Podcast” on your trusted Podcast App, more than likely you’ll find us there as well.

The podcast has been downloaded in 95+ countries around the world: